About us

Hi there! It's Alex and Svetlana, we’re family. We're from Eastern Europe. We’re owners of the construction company. We do home improvement projects and build custom-made furniture.We started to make miniature furniture about 10 years ago and we're trying to make it as more realistic as possible.

It all started from a bench. A small template of an outdoor bench, made of wooden sticks. It turned out to be so realistic, that we sent a picture to our friend Vera, who collects dolls. And she just loved it! So we eventually sent the bench to her. Vera recommended us to try ourselves on Etsy. Once we started, we couldn’t stop! Surprisingly the business took over.
We’re originally from Eastern Europe, and enjoy doing anything by hand. To make proper furniture takes time and space, and it’s quite expensive, but making small 1:6 or 1:12 models allows us to bring all the ideas we have to life. We love it!

First we discuss the idea and work on it–trying to imagine how it would look. Then Alex draws a sketch, and we start the most interesting part–creating! :)